About me

LisaMy name is Lisa and I would describe myself as the Bucks version of Kirsty Allsopp.  That’s not scouring the country looking for properties with Phil, but loving all things homemade!

I like to spend my spare time making bits and bobs for the home.  Cushions out of tea towels, pictures out of scraps and patchwork quilts from my husband’s shirts!

Everything I make and do has been inspired by my lovely friends and family.

Cooking has been something I’ve taken up in the last few years, mainly since leaving home – apparently Mum doesn’t provide a meals-on-wheels delivery service!

To begin with I was really nervous about cooking.  Mainly due to the oven.  My husband told me that it would only cook at 150 degrees centigrade and the grill didn’t work.  It turned out that the grill does actually work, it just takes an age to heat up (it’s electric).  However it is true that if you cook at a temperature higher than 150 degrees it just burns everything.

I still think it is a very untrustworthy appliance, but we have got to know each other over time and I even introduced it to Oven Pride.  Now I can see through the door and keep an eye on the cooker trying to burn the food.  But it’s all good experience (as my Mum would say!).