White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

Serves 8


2 x 150g bars white chocolate

2 x 300g tubs soft cheese

284ml pot double cream

50g caster sugar

170g punnet raspberries

5tbsp raspberry jam

85g amaretti biscuits

200g small strawberries

a few blueberries (optional)



  1. Break the chocolate into a glass bowl, then put it over a pan of just simmering water to melt, making sure the bottom of the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Line a lightly oiled 900g loaf tin with cling film.
  2. Whisk the cheese, cream and sugar together, preferably with electric beaters, then stir into the almost cool melted white chocolate until well combined.
  3. Stir 50g raspberries with 2 tbsp of the jam. Spoon half the cheese mixture into the loaf tin, then spoon the jammy raspberries down the centre. Top with the rest of the cheese mixture, level the top, then press in the biscuits. Cover and chill for 6 hours or overnight.
  4. Set aside about 6 strawberries. Halve the rest, then warm in a pan with the remaining jam until soft. Whizz in a food processor or with a hand blender, then rub through a sieve to remove the seeds and make a sauce. Add a drop of water if the sauce is too thick.
  5. To serve, carefully turn the tin onto a plate, lift it away and strip off the cling film. Halve the remaining strawberries, then arrange on top of the cake with the remaining raspberries and blueberries (if using). Pour over a little sauce and serve the rest seperately for drizzling over.


Don’t do what I did and only buy 300g soft cheese! Why they have written 2 x 300g soft cheese I don’t know. Just write 600g! Rant over. Note to self-learn to read. Helper/Husband saved the day by running down to the shops, while I carried on. I did the first part of the recipe up to number 4 the day before and let it chill over night. This was all very simple and quick (if you have the appropriate ingredients). 25 mins is about right.

I took the cheesecake out the fridge the following afternoon. Turned it onto my new plate and it looked really good. I wanted to put the fruit on before my guests arrived and fiddle about with the sauce, which I’m glad I did because it took a while to sieve the fruit mix and it was bit messy. So it was all nicely put together and I was very pleased with myself. Very impressive, good looking dessert. And then….to my horror within 10 mins of my lovely dessert being in the fridge it had cracked down the middle and one end was starting to collapse!! I quickly whipped it out the fridge and wrapped cling film around all the sides to hold it up. Whacked the fridge up to the highest setting and prayed to the cheesecake gods to save my little pud.

When I came to serve it I took the cling film off and decorated the bottom of the plate with left over berries (to cover up its sloppy bottom). It was a lot softer to cut than I thought it would be, which was surprising as it had been in the fridge setting for quite a while.

Did I like it after all that? To be honest it was a bit too sweet for me. It was very hard to cut into small neat looking pieces, so everyone ended up with a big thick piece. I’m not sure it is really for me. But if you like really sweet puds it would definitely be for you.

I would say if you were going to try this recipe- Don’t do what I did! Leave it in the mould until just before you are going to serve it. Have the berries ready and the sauce prepared. It will then be very quick for you to remove from the mould, place the fruit on top and pour over some sauce just before you serve. Then hopefully it will be on your guest’s plates and melting in their mouths before any disasters can occur!