Review: Kenwood Hand Mixer HM320

Kenwood Hand MixerI really can’t keep borrowing my Mum’s mixer every time I need to do a bit of mixing! So I have treated myself to a nice new one! Yes I’ve gone all posh and I’ve been on a little trip up to John Lewis. Got a little bit scared when I found myself standing next to a £500 mixer! Swiftly moved out of that section and spotted the one for me at the bargain price of £22.95. I’ve tried it out and it’s really rather good. It came with two sets of stainless steel beaters. One set for making dough (I’ll work up to using them!) and one set of the regular ones. Its got 3 speeds and can fold, mix and whisk. It is absolutely ideal for my needs and it packs away in a neat little box. A brilliant buy, does what it says on the box. It’s actually even cheaper on Amazon.